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How the implementation looks

  • In the following text, we describe the deployment (implementation) of the e-shop. It's pretty similar to the web, usually easier because there is no need to import products, etc.
  • version with a basic arrangement that aims at reducing the costs by following standardized procedures
  • First of all, you will provide us with the necessary information about your products, their specifics (e.g. whether you sell products in different colours, sizes, packages, etc.). Also prices, discounts, shipping conditions, etc. We have a prepared questionnaire available on our website./li>
  • after submitting the questionnaire (or website version) we will contact you to obtain some more details. The next step will be to discuss whether our e-shop/website can serve all your needs.
  • once we get this all done, we will request the first financial instalment for our services so that we can start preparing everything.
  • during this time, we will kindly ask you to choose a template on the website Templates are usually free of photos because the template creator has no rights to resell the used photos. Therefore, be aware that you generally cannot use the photos you see when choosing the template for your website.
  • Our graphic designer chooses photos that match your products, represent your business and adds a template to them. Of course, you can use your photos too.
  • To data import, we would need to get the data from you in required format (usually MS Excel sheet).
  • Data import is closely related to importing photos. We need to be able to match photos to imported items. Hence, a clear identification should be included in the name of the photo.
  • Once the steps above are completed, the e-shop should be ready for operation. We'll show you and explain everything remotely before it starts.
  • The actual operation of the e-shop is then up to you, we do not interfere with the data or look at them. However, you can use our support if you need to.
  • In the following text, we describe the deployment (implementation) of the e-shop. It's pretty similar to the web, usually easier because there is no need to import products, etc.
  • This version is more about a classic implementation where we try to build a website or e-shop tailored to your ideas and requirements.
  • We are limited by two things – abilities of the platform we use and the geographic distance in the case of international projects. For that reason, we focus more on medium-sized projects where it's not a problem to modify one functionality or graphic appearance. More than just one or two modifications would require a personal meeting, at least for the initial analysis.
  • After establishing the assignment, we make a quote. The cost of these projects varies on a case-by-case basis depending on the work required to get these adjustments done.
  • Depending on the type of the project, we can also ask for advance payment, usually 30 to 50% of the total price.
  • If we agree on the price and the assignment, we will get to work. We continually discuss the details that emerge with you.
  • For the successful running of the project is important that you, as well, continuously prepare the documents e.g. import data, descriptions, texts, etc.
  • After finishing the website, we will train you and verify the required functionality together. Acceptance criteria are a crucial part of the initially written assignment. If you're satisfied, we will issue a final invoice for our work.
  • You will then go into normal operation and receive support. The range of our support also depends on the individual agreement and is based on monthly fees.


The trust between you and us is crucial. We run a "tailor-made" service, we do a lot of work at the beginning. Therefore, the first payment is higher than the others. You can be certain that you will get the expected result. We don't want you to worry that you're buying a pig in a poke and so we guarantee the following:

  • we use open source systems Prestashop (eshop) and Joomla (web).The fact that it's an open-source, means, among other things, that you can download and install both systems at any time on your server or any other web service provider.
  • Before paying the first instalment, we will discuss your demands together and evaluate them so that you know if our systems are capable of what you want and need. What can happen is that some required functionality is accomplishable but perhaps more complicatedly than you imagine. We will warn you about such things so that you can decide whether to proceed with us or look for another solution.
  • If you want to terminate your cooperation with us, we will provide you with all the data and source files so that you can run the website elsewhere to the same extent. The condition is to have paid at least two years of our service, except in cases where you want to leave due to a demonstrable technical defect caused by us (unavailability of the website, etc.)

Both the e-shop and the website have user interfaces in many different languages and we expect them to be in your native language. In the case of a less common language, we will present a solution on how to carry the project.

We communicate in English. That's why we leave the administrative part in English so that we stay familiar with it. After the training, we can switch the administrative part to your native language.

In the case of the public (front-end) part of the website, for the reasons stated above, we cannot guarantee that we will debug the website in terms of language. Editing and checking of texts will be up to you. Of course, we will show you how and where you can easily edit the text.

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